Decorative aluminum balusters, balustrades, and handrails

Mr BARRO has a range of decorative aluminum balusters (also called balustrades) or handrails that are perfect for individual houses, both outdoors and indoors.

You are a contractor or an individual who wishes to renovate or build a private home or commercial building? Search no longer to order balusters, handrails, staircases, and aluminum balusters for your outdoor verandas, staircases or fences, or indoors when it comes to securing the upper floors using a safe yet elegant baluster handrail.

Handrail balusters to secure balconies, decks or patios

"Handrail" and "railing" are common expressions used in construction to name the protective barriers of terraces, balconies and staircases. In day-to-day life, we sometimes use the word "balustrade" or "baluster".

The first function of a balustrade is to secure the areas where falls would be likely to occur and thus ensure the protection of children and adults alike. The balustrade must be built using sturdy and hard-wearing materials, such as aluminum, in order to withstand shocks or strong pushes. The balustrade must be high enough to be safe for children while the balusters must be close enough to avoid that your little ones pass between them!

The current standards aim precisely at specifying the level of shock resistance that is required of a handrail baluster. Moreover, the fastening of handrail balusters must be done according to the instructions provided by the make and must withstand the weight determined by the current standards. Indeed, our products meet the highest standards of the Quebec and Canada Building Code (paragraph from NBC 2010).

Aesthetic balusters and handrails

Above all, a balustrade is used for safety. It is an indispensable and sturdy handrail that protects against falls. Nevertheless, balusters can be extremely beautiful and integrate themselves into a building's architectural elements. They embellish a residence or commercial building while accentuating their style.

This is why there are so many types of designs, colours and materials! There is something for every taste. Some are contemporary looking, while others are more classical or traditional. Aluminum handrail balusters have one major advantage: they are rust and degradation free! Moreover, they require no maintenance! This is why Mr BARRO offers you aluminum balusters exclusively.

Aluminum balusters up to 60 inches long!

Baluster ans handrail

Baluster ans handrail

To order aluminum balusters everywhere in Quebec and Canada, contact Mr Barro for the best price!

You are a deck builder or contractor, and you want to order Canadian balusters and connectors at a good price? Contact us and tell us about your needs in terms of balusters, railing and handrails. We ship everywhere in Canada. Choose Mr BARRO for quality products and a good service.

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