Are you looking for the best price on the market for building materials for your patio? what you need is Mr BARRO !

Mr Barro: distributor of round or square balusters, made in Canada, can be cut up to 60 inches long, available in 5 colours.

Whether you are building patios, terraces, pergolas, decks or stair railing, Mr BARRO is a Canadian distributor of aluminum balusters, connectors, supports and caps all made in Canada. Our aluminum balusters are ¾-inch diameter available in square or round and in 5 colours (black, brown, white, clay, grey). We offer balusters that can be cut up to 60 inches long (for example, some cities require 48 inches long balusters to surround pools). Connectors, supports and post caps in the same colours are also available.

We provide fast delivery everywhere in Canada for contractors and individuals. Mr BARRO is just the right place to find the best prices for aluminum railings for your building projects. Call us to purchase round or square aluminum balusters to build your terrace, pergola, deck or veranda…

Our services

Aluminium balusters
Stair Railing

Contact us to order aluminum balusters, connectors, or screws, and /in fast delivery everywhere in Canada.

Contact Mr BARRO to get balusters, spindle, picket, screws, connectors, rail supports and caps everywhere in Quebec and Canada. You will pay a lot less for your materials!

If you need specific items, we will gladly find them at the best price possible! 

We are looking for sales distributors in every region of Quebec and Canada to sell aluminum balusters, connectors, rail supports and caps.

Mr BARRO's products are in high demand in every region of Quebec and Canada. You are an active and dynamic person, and you would like to sell an excellent product to contactors and individuals in your region? Get in touch with us!

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